The Ultimate in Relaxation — Hydromassage at the National Fitness Center

For an unequaled relaxation experience, try the heated hydromassage bed at the National Fitness Center in Maryville, Tennessee.

Hydromassage sends waves of temperature-controlled water pulsing along your spine to increase circulation, ease muscular tension and relieve stiff or sore joints. You remain fully clothed and dry (unlike a hot tub, where you are submersed into jets of water), and you can direct the massage to focus on troublesome areas.

After vigorous circuit training or a workout with free weights in our Maryville gym – or just a challenging day at work — indulge in soothing hydromassage.

Do yourself a favor! Call your local health club in Maryville at (865) 268-0012 and schedule your hydromassage session today!