Maryville Gym Offers Aquatic Classes

For great exercise that’s easy on bones and joints, try aquatic classes in the indoor pool at the National Fitness Center in Maryville! Water makes you feel weightless, so exercise is not as intense as it might be on the gym floor. With numerous aquatic exercise options, including aqua aerobics and zumba, you’ll experience the same cardiovascular and muscle-toning benefits as indoor floor workouts.

Seniors and those with sports injuries or chronic health conditions (such as arthritis or fibromyalgia) will enjoy the ease of exercising in the warmth of our indoor junior Olympic pool. For extra relief, try out our gym’s heated therapy pool, also located in the aquatic center.

Try comfortable aquatic exercise at our Maryville fitness center. Call our health club at (865) 268-0012 to learn more about class schedules, or ask about a free, 3-day VIP pass.