Pedal to Health in Maryville Gym’s Indoor Cycling Studio

The Maryville, Tennessee weather doesn’t matter these days — you can cycle any time of year in our high energy indoor cycle room, complete with 35 bikes, black lights and murals that glow. You won’t be bored as you burn calories and tone muscles!

Cycling (or spinning) is a low impact workout that strengthens your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and core. You can control your own intensity and pace– the stationary bikes in our Maryville health club will track your mileage, pulse and calories burned.

Cool down afterwards in our health club’s junior Olympic-sized pool or refuel at the smoothie/snack bar.

It’s all in one place, safe from the elements. For a great aerobic workout in our gym’s temperature-controlled environment, steer over to the National Fitness Center today! Call (865) 268-0012 to learn more.