Functional Training at Maryville Gym Primes Muscles for Everyday Use

Whether you’re an exercise novice or an experienced athlete, functional training in Maryville is the ideal addition to any physical fitness program. It’s a workout that primes your muscles and joints for the stresses and strains you experience daily — from lugging heavy boxes, squatting to pick up a toddler, stretching to reach high objects, pushing and pulling a vacuum or hauling heavy equipment.

Functional training at the National Fitness in Maryville utilizes total body resistance exercises (TRX) to strengthen your core and improve balance, stability and flexibility. A personal trainer at our gym can guide you to the most effective exercise, intensity and duration for your fitness goals.

To help your body perform at peak efficiency, add functional training to your fitness routine. Try it out at our Maryville health club with a free, 3-day pass.